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values of W Group Corporate
Work Hard. Celebrate Success. Stay Humble.

Our work ethic defines our ability to succeed. We celebrate our successes to reinforce this fact. We stay humble to ensure we continue to do so.

Deliver as Promised.

Both to our customer and to each other. Keeping promises are the foundation of trust. Without that we don’t have long lasting customers or long lasting teamwork.

Grow & Adapt or Die.

We grow and adapt with our customers. If we stop doing so, there will be no customer.

Leadership by Example.

Show, not just speak about how to excel. Treat your co-workers as you would hope to be developed, groomed, trained, and befriended.

Always be Improving/Iterating.

Adapting to customer needs with innovative solutions contributes to a better experience for our customer. We review what's done today and ask what can be done better tomorrow, so we can find new ideas and inspiration.

Merit & Accountability Based Performance.

We promote co-workers that deliver results and show signs for potential. Then strive to develop them to surpass their own expectations.

We are a SINGLE unit (Many Houses, One Home).

Don’t depend on just yourself or just your dept. Together, we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. We do it all the time.

Reward Smart Risk Taking & Daring to Be Different.

We question old solutions and we are willing to try new things realizing that failure is an option but not trying is not.

Cost Conscious.

Our customers demand that they are heard, they won’t be if each of us doesn’t strive to speak up. What are you striving for?

Strive For Thorough But Simple Decision Making.

When enough thought has been put developing choices, the solution should come simply.

Expect Difficulty and Embrace it.

If it was easy, our customer’s would have chosen someone else.

Details, Details, Details.

Our customers demand we deliver the details. Period.

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